I'm a North Country Retired Combat Veteran running for US CONGRESS 

I stand for Equality for ALL, the Second Amendment, Election & Voter Reform, top to bottom Police, Judicial & Prison Reform, Comprehensive & Affordable Medical Care for ALL, Term Limits, Line Item Veto, Political Accountability, Veteran Assistance, Referendums and more!


This symbol was created by me after researching symbols of the working class; it in no way relates to any hate group or Socialist beliefs.

the crossed hammers are the universal symbol of the working class; one in red to represent the conservative ideals of America; one in blue to represent the liberal ideals of America.

The hammers are surrounded by 50 stars representing the 50 states in the union.

IF you are a republican & reside within the 21st district and would be willing to sign the petition to put me on the ballot please click the link below to get in touch with you in February when petitioning opens

"I am running for US Congress because we deserve to be represented by someone who understands what it's like to be an average citizen in North Country. Most politicians claim to understand what we go through but they can't understand because the majority of them have never had to deal with the every day issues we deal with; decide which bill to skip in order to keep the lights on or to put food on the table. Instead, the majority of politicians have grown wealthy while we have suffered. They jockey for political clout and power while we have waited for them to fix America; they have failed us time and time again. I want to represent North Country as "One of US for All of US", not an elitist pandering to the people."

"My biggest fear in this campaign has nothing to do with the popularity of my opponents (as has been suggested by media outlets already) but instead, the amount of money they will throw out to bury me with advertising, TV spots, and more. That they will cloud the thought that an Average American has the ability to stand up to the establishment and remind the "power" in D.C. that they work for
US; we do not work for, or owe them anything!"