I believe that it is a woman’s choice to choose if she wants to have an abortion up to the point that medical professionals have deemed that the unborn child could survive outside the womb and would thus be inhumane. The only exceptions to this would require medical determination that following through with the pregnancy would put the mother or unborn child’s life (lives) in danger or due to criminal acts (rape / incest) that caused an unwanted pregnancy.

As an option to take other than abortion, the government needs to adopt a stronger adoption policy where the parents who do not want to have a child have a debt free option to have the baby and have it adopted upon birth. This program needs to take any financial and medical burden from the family that does not wish to have the baby but does not want to abort.

Additionally, women can have an abortion without consent of their partner, husband, or family but the biological father does not have the ability to just walk away from the pregnancy. If we are going to allow women to make the choice to not follow through with a pregnancy, the biological father needs to also have the right and ability to walk away from the responsibilities of parenthood as well which would protect him from financial or legal obligation later in the child’s life except in criminal cases (rape / incest) or adultery where the person committing the criminal act or adultery would not be able to shirk any responsibility.

Additionally, parents that give up unborn children to adoption will be completely free of legal or financial obligation permanently and will have the ability to have their names completely removed from any legally binding documents that may lead to any kind of reunion in the future.

I support the idea of being "Pro-Whole Life"; not just supporting the choice of a woman to have, or not have a child; not the life of an unborn child; but the entire life cycle of mankind. We fight for the right to choose or the right of an unborn fetus but as soon as the child is born the "Pro-Life" idea ends. "Pro-Whole Life" broadens the idea of supporting a life through support, education, assistance (counseling / social services), reform (counseling / prison if needed), elderly care, all the way to the grave. Why does the idea of "Pro-Life" have to end at birth?

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