This organization defines a politician affiliated with Blue Collar Politics as a politician of any level of government who vows to represent the needs of their voting community above any political affiliation or personal agenda.

Not all affiliated Blue Collar Politicians will share stances or exact points of view, but all are expected to uphold the following views:

  • Equality for All

    • Blue Collar Politicians believe that all people are equal regardless of gender, sexual orientation, religious affiliation, political affiliation, or any other thing that makes individuals different from one another.

  • Fiscal Accountability, Responsibility, and Transparency

    • Blue Collar Politicians will demand fiscal accountability, responsibility, and transparency for all money involved in their political area. This means that we will hide nothing about political funds or our personal finances openly and readily.

  • Non-partisan Policy

    • Blue Collar Politicians will not base their stances or views on any political party stance. Instead, we will base our stances and views solely on the needs of the people we represent.

  • Political Equality

    • Blue Collar Politicians will demand that all politicians be held to the same standards regardless of their position or level of government; what is expected of one politician will be expected of all politicians.

  • Populist Agenda

    • Blue Collar Politicians work to represent the people, PERIOD.

  • Pro-Whole Life

    • Blue Collar Politicians will support the idea of Pro-Whole Life; meaning that while personally supporting or not supporting the idea of abortion, we will support the law as it is defined which allows people the choice to have or not have an abortion. Outside of that, we stand for not just the fetus of an unborn child but the whole life of that fetus and everyone connected to that fetus from conception to death. This means the idea of whole-life care which includes medical care, psychological care, social care, prison / rehabilitative care, ending with death by natural causes or choice.

  • Term Limits

    • Blue Collar Politicians stand by the belief that politics is not meant to be a career and that there should be limits on how long politicians can serve. Each Blue Collar Politician may have their own belief as to how long politicians should be able to serve but we all agree that there should be limits.


Blue Collar FULL Stars.jpg

The crossed hammers represent the blacksmithing and building hammers of the Americans who built our country; one in blue to represent the liberal ideals and views of the people; one in red to represent the conservative ideals and views of the people. The hammers are crossed to show the unified thought processes and beliefs of all Americans. The hammers are surrounded by 50 stars, representing the 50 states of our country.