For any country to remain sovereign, they must have defined borders. The United States is no different. We may be the “Land of Opportunity”, but we have an obligation to take care of and protect our citizens first. No individual type of security at any border will be 100% effective; not guards or walls or any other form of deterrent but, we must protect our borders. We have hundreds of miles of border separating us from 2 countries by land and hundreds more miles that are open to the seas.

I will talk more about immigration under the Citizenship topic, but we need to find a way to safeguard our nation by land, sea and air otherwise there is no point of any country claiming their sovereignty. My suggestion is that we employ the National Guard and Coast Guard to perform the duties described in their titles; the National Guard would have outposts and would rotate through periodic “deployments” to guard the physical land borders and the Coast Guard would do the same patrolling the water borders.

Neither the National Guard or Coast Guard would control entry into the country but would only police and guard our borders; detaining anyone trying to cross a border at any place that is unauthorized. Border Patrol and ICE would hold the responsibility of allowing admission or denial of admission of anyone detained at the border.