Hi, I'm Cliff Olney and I am one of your new Watertown City Council members. 

Over three campaigns, I’ve found it’s not easy to convince people to vote. They’re suspicious of our intent. But I believe people can learn to trust in government again. We can gain their trust back and help them prosper by taking a common sense approach to the rules that govern their lives.


I believe our government has the ability to do more for people than any one of us can do for ourselves alone. I see government as a cooperative which can be used to make people’s lives better. Better can happen when we implement smart policies.

Our job as representatives is to build trust and deliver on our promises.

We should ask ourselves, “Does what we do make people’s lives better? And not just people, but the most people, and the most people who need it?" And if the answer is no, then we need to find a different solution.

That should be the first test of all we do as local representatives.

We need to create a vision, effectively communicate that vision, and be able to explain how that vision will make our community and people’s lives better.