The 21st Congressional District of New York is currently legislated by Ms. Elise Stefanik of Schuylerville, NY. Ms. Stefanik is in her 4th term as the 21st District’s Congresswoman and has risen in the Republican Party rank and file; she is now the “number 3” in the Party. When Ms. Stefanik first ran for this seat, she ran on a platform that represented the people of the North Country but has since, moved to representing the Republican Party instead of the North Country.
With redistricting, the current Democratic Party proposed lines would put Ms. Stefanik’s residence about 1 mile into District 19; the Democratic held “Albany District.” Ms. Stefanik has told me that, if “they do not like the proposal” ...she will “tie it up in litigation.” Which tells me that she intends to run for the 21st District from outside the district. This will give Ms. Stefanik free reign to represent the Republican Party without concern to the North Country. She would represent a district  she would then have no ties to.
This is not fake news and can be easily found through a Google search and was published in the Washington Post on September 27th, 2021 [].
While Ms. Stefanik will argue that this is only a proposal, the Democrats hold the majority in both the State House and Senate. It is likely they will approve their district line proposal.

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