The path to citizenship in the United States is a long, expensive, and sometimes confusing process. I believe that part of the illegal immigration problem in our country could be curbed by taking 3 steps.

  1. The process needs to be made more cost effective and less complex.

  2. I would offer another path to citizenship, or at least make the process easier by creating a path to citizenship through service; military or government / civil service. Upon completion of a pre-agreed upon term of service the person completing the term would either gain citizenship or would have his or her application pushed to the front of the processing at a lesser, or no fee. Spouses and minor children or disabled dependents would be included.

    1. All applicants must pass background and criminal screening.

    2. All applicants must serve their entire contracted term of service.

  3. All agencies involved in the immigration process would be centrally controlled and all network systems would operate in conjunction with each other (the systems would talk so you only input information once and it updates everywhere).