The United States has the second-best education system globally, but it consistently scores lower than many other countries in benchmarks such as math and science. According to the Business Insider report in 2018, the United States' education ranking was 38th in math scores and 24th in science. The United States' education rankings have been falling by international standards over the past three decades, as the government has decreased education funding by 3%. Still, other countries have increased their education funding.

In order to start to fix this issue, legislation needs to be introduced that will require standardized education requirements across the entire United States. The idea of Common Core is a great theory but somehow this system became a system of theory and feeling; answers and the process to get those answers have become a maze of insanity. Common Core needs to be redrawn so that it requires the same levels of learning everywhere in the United States. Along with common education requirements with common graduation requirements.

Better funding needs to be given to public school systems starting at the elementary school level; this is where childrens' minds are best suited to absorb information and when it can be determined what teaching method works for each individual child. While the standards need to be the same across the board, the way we get these young minds to learn is different yet we beat the same systems into every child forcing them to either learn, memorize or fail. All departments of schooling; core classes, the arts, physical education and diet, technology classes all need to be revamped and taught based on proven fact and history regardless of how harsh that history may be; History needs to be taught as it happened, not by erasing what has happened. Bad things have happened in our past and we need to learn about it, not cover it up. By not teaching history, we are allowing ourselves to repeat it in the future. Private schools may accept federal funding but in doing so they are signing an agreement to adhere to the new federal regulations and guidelines.

There needs to be strict guidelines for teaching classes. Politics and religion have no place in the classroom unless they pertain to the lesson. Teachers are shaping our children’s minds; allowing politics and religion to dictate how subjects are taught does not allow the children to have their own mindset. This does not mean that the basic principles of religion should not be taught as religion has a place in history. Similarly, politics should be taught under the broad stroke of what it is and how our, and other governments function but policy itself should not be included in the curriculum.

Teachers need to be better paid. These men and women see our children for the better part of the day, and sometimes see them more often than we do. They deserve to be paid for the time they put into their job. They are shaping our nation’s future.

A push for vocational skills to be taught just as much as college education is pushed for. Allow students to go to FAFSA to get a loan for a vocational skill, just as students are allowed to go to FAFSA to get a loan for their college degree.

Teachers need to be certified in the subject they teach. A teacher should not be allowed to get a degree in history and teach math.