Electoral College

The Electoral College was created by the Founding Fathers and placed in the Constitution as an alternative to electing the president by popular vote or by Congress. In my opinion, the framers of this country never envisioned the vast lands this country would encompass and the massive number of citizens that would be part of it. The Electoral College gives those of us that do not reside in areas of mass population a voice. Without the Electoral College whatever the cities say would rule this country; we feel the effects of this in North Country every day as the city (New York City) basically decides the fate of the rest of the state.

I believe that the Electoral College needs to be overhauled to a system where the Electoral College votes are won district to district within a state for not only the Presidential Election but for any federal election. In this system a candidate would have to win each district in a state to win the entire state but if they do not, which ever candidate wins each district will win that Electoral College vote. There would be no more "winner take all states". I believe this would more accurately determine the winner of our federal elections and ensure the candidate the People want would win the Election.

Nebraska and Maine already have a system similar to this in place and I believe it works well. For example, without this system in place, Maine would always give all it's Electoral College votes to whoever wins Portland and Augusta; there would be no benefit for a candidate to campaign to and for citizens outside those areas. This would force candidates to focus on more than one demographic of the citizenry.