The United States needs to set the standard, worldwide regarding the environment. We need to lead the world in not only “green” energy but supplying “green” energy through “green” processes. Our use of renewable and green products needs to be at the forefront of our movement forward. We need to find ways to replace our current reliability of limited supplies of coal / fuel / fossil-based energy sources but implementing plans that will provide solar and wind power without using harmful processes to create these power sources.

Additionally, we need to look at our use of paper products and plastic and consider replacing the use of those products with hemp. Hemp has a bad rap because it is associated with drugs, but hemp can be produced in larger quantities and faster than paper or plastic and hemp is 100% natural. Additionally, switching to hemp would give agricultural workers the ability to move into help production to supplement or even become their primary source of farming.

Electric cars and products are the new craze yet the processes to create these products are equally or more damaging to our environment. If we are to continue to pursue production of these products, we need to identify processes to create them while doing less harm to our environment.

Corporations that fail to produce Earth-Friendly products using Earth-Friendly processes will incur a 2% tax on their corporation's net gain / or corporation value increase (stocks).