Our healthcare system in this country has become corrupt, by charging ridiculous prices for treatment, medication, and insurance.


Universal Healthcare at an affordable rate is a great idea.

  • All federal / government employees will enroll in the same medical coverage, Soldiers, Public Servants, Elected Officials, ect. will have full access to a system like the current TriCare / Veterans Affairs healthcare network.

  • Medicare for all will become the standard, universal healthcare. All citizens pay a Medicare tax and based on that; our medical care will be covered via Medicare. The more a citizen makes, the more they pay into Medicare. A system for all patient information should be put in place so that no matter where someone goes, their medical history follows them. There will no longer be such a thing as "new patient" paperwork.

  • Unfair price gouging on medications and healthcare needs to be eliminated.

  • Elective procedures should not be covered by insurance, allowing for insurance to cover what is medically necessary to help individuals better.