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Republican, Congressional Candidate for New York's 21st District

Representing North Country, Northern New York and Upstate New York


I am an average American. I have made plenty of mistakes in my life and learned numerous lessons from my failures and defeats. I have been poor, tired and felt helpless. I have gone through what the majority of politicians can't understand as their wealth and positions of power have helped them stay afloat when many Americans have suffered. I want to change that!!!

I believe that most constituents do not trust their elected officials. I want to bring (back) trust and respect to politicians which can only be done by upholding the principles of a good person. Many politicians are in office for long periods of time and accumulate massive wealth while never accomplishing what their districts need or want; the whole reason they are elected to office. Too many politicians are worried about personal gain, hidden agendas or “party” politics and have forgotten the people they represent.

I refuse to run a campaign of mudslinging. I will only discuss pertinent topics causally related to the campaign. I will back up my platform by providing proof that I have stood up for the North Country populace.



I would like to thank each and every person, group, and organization that allowed me moments of their time. I am blessed to have been able to share my views and political stances as well as meet each and every one of you.


That being said, I am still the same honest and hardworking man I was when I began this journey. The video that my former opponent made public is a gross misrepresentation of what really happened. I was financing my own political journey and when the allegations were made, I could not afford to defend my character and integrity against her team of lawyers. I made a decision without consulting anyone other than my family. I wanted to protect them as well as myself.


I still believe in our district. I still believe in my political stances. By the time I realized I could still be in this race it was too late. I do not have a team of lawyers or a team behind me to fight her on this rumor of fraud.


I hope everyone understands and I plan to be back to run to represent US as an average, blue-collar American from our district!


I am Lonny Koons and will always stand for the hard-working people of our district.



Husband, Father, Grandfather, Retired Combat Veteran, Truck Driver, Blue-Collar American


I was born and raised in the farm country of southern Michigan. I grew up in the outdoors, playing sports, attending church events and working either on local farms or mowing grass to earn an income. I graduated from Homer High School in 1996 and went to college at Siena Heights College (now University) in Adrian, Michigan. I met my future wife and left college to support my new family after a semester in college.

I served as an Airborne Infantryman in the US Army for 20 years serving in multiple duty positions and duty locations as well as leading Soldiers in combat in both Iraq and Afghanistan. I am not a hero, I did my job, trained my Soldiers and did my best to get them home safely. To be completely transparent, my DD-214 is below; no one will ever be able to question the validity of my service!

After retiring from the US Army I began a career as a Professional Driver and Driver Trainer for JB Hunt delivering for a dedicated account for Family Dollar out of Rome, New York and now work for R.B. Humphreys out of Rome, New York and they fully support my adventure into politics!

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