My stance and approach to anything to do with gun control is simple: The Second Amendment specifically grants the citizens of the United States the right to bear arms. This is a right that is guaranteed and in the founding fathers’ words, “shall not be infringed”. Simply put, I will not support any kind of gun control measures that violate the promises made by our founding fathers. The only way that gun control should even be discussed is through ratification of the Second Amendment; anything else is unconstitutional.

The Second Amendment does not limit or restrict gun ownership in any way. The Second Amendment guarantees its citizens the ability to maintain a “well-regulated militia” to protect the sovereignty of our freedom. The Second Amendment does not limit the number, size, or caliber of firearms that a citizen may possess. The Supreme Court ruled in 2008 in the District of Columbia v. Heller, that “well regulated” is directed specifically to a militia, not the American citizens individually. The question now becomes, are background checks and psychological evaluations an infringement on our rights guaranteed by the Second Amendment? It is my belief that these are not infringements on our rights and will help keep the general population safe. Criminals will always find a way to do criminal activities, but these processes can curb and possibly avoid some of these incidents while still allowing law abiding citizens to possess firearms.

My argument is strengthened by incidents like below where the President "jokes" that in order to take on the Government you would need F-15s and nuclear weapons. These are not my interpretations of his words; see for yourself: BIDEN SPEACH.

I would present legislation to enforce a nationwide registration and concealed carry registration.  This would not infringe on our right to bear arms but will cut a lot of red tape for firearms owners to be protected from violating individual state laws regarding ownership, registration, or concealment regardless of the state the firearms owner is in. I see no reason why we should not be able to carry any firearm anywhere in the boundaries of our nation.