In order to streamline our government and services provided to the American people, we need a single, universal identification. We carry social security cards, medical identification cards, driver's licenses, and so much more. I propose that we integrate the entire system so that everything is linked and tied together.

From the moment a child is born they are given an identification in the form of a social security number (card). When the child earns the right to drive they get another, state issued card to operate motor vehicles in the state they reside in. When they turn 18 they register to vote and are enrolled into the selective service. At 21 their identification allows them to buy recreational drugs or alcohol. When you are married you receive a certificate of marriage. When you die you are given a death certificate.

If we add these all together into one card, one centrally maintained data base we would not have to carry or update all of these identifications. A child is born, they are given their UID that maintains their universal healthcare access and their social security number is activated; if that child is granted any kind of social services, it is tied to the UID. When the child is qualified to operate motor vehicles, the database is updated to reflect this. When a child turns 18, their UID automatically enrolls them in the selective service and authorizes them to vote which is tied directly to their residence which is stored in the UID database. When a person turns 21 their UID is updated at the central database to reflect that they are legally able to purchase recreational drugs and alcohol. Finally, when the citizen dies, a death certificate is generated that automatically updates and closes the UID account.

This card would have an embedded chip that is only activated when inserted into a card reader; it will have NO ability to track citizens movements or locations. Access would be granted through a triple verification of the chip, a pin / password and either fingerprint or retinal identification at the source of application. This would allow citizens to vote no matter where they are and still vote for their local and state officials even if they were outside the state or government. This would also allow our elections and votes to be tallied and verified instantly and if the card were accessed for multiple votes, it would automatically flag that user.