LBGTQ+ Equality

The LGBTQ+ community is a growing part of our American population. Without placing greater importance on any one group of people, I feel that the LGBTQ+ community needs reassurance that their individual rights will not be interfered with just because of the choices they make in their lives.

Our government needs to ensure that this community is treated fairly and equally, no better or no worse than any other group of citizens, PERIOD. Equality and fair treatment are important and should be in the forefront of our movement forward.

Sexuality is a choice, one that we are free to make without fear of unequal treatment. However, that choice is just that; no matter what we do, we cannot change our biology. The idea that Gender is fluid needs to be defined. One can determine their sexuality and their sexual identity but nothing we can do can change our biological gender.

Additionally, we need to understand and acknowledge that there are physical differences between the genders and there are certain actions that favor certain genders. We cannot allow genders to compete against each other on the same “field of play”. It is physically unfair. Everyone talks about Football and physical sports where men have a more unfair biological advantage over women but what about competitive areas like archery, marksmanship, ballet, dance, gymnastics, figure skating and more where women have the advantage. The only other solution to this would to be to have no gender specific activities.