My political career started on April 19, 1995. I was living in my parents house in Tuttle, Oklahoma, about 30 miles Southwest of downtown Oklahoma City following a separation from my wife. I was awakened a little after 9:00 when the lamp on my nightstand fell over. I came out into the living room to find my mother watching the news and asking if I had heard the explosion. I said, “No, but something shook the room.” She explained that it was believed to be a water main break that exploded downtown. Of course, the news was much worse. I had to drive to Tulsa that day to pick up my 18 month old daughter and listened to the news the whole trip. It wasn’t long before they determined that a terrorist attack had occurred. That evening I was told by one of my best friends from high school that 2 of our classmates had been killed in the OKC bombing.


I was devastated. The shock was surreal. But I knew then I needed to do something. I spent the next 10 years studying the life of Timothy McVeigh to get an understanding of his thinking. He wanted to start a race war. He did. Though it took many years to come to fruition. Then 1/6 happened, and I knew the problem with domestic terrorism had greatly escalated. It was then I decided to get involved politically.

So, here I am. I believe the nation is on the verge of a civil war between democrats & republicans. The anger & hatred manifesting between the parties and the dividing rhetoric are coming to a head. If we don’t do something now to attempt to diffuse the anger and get both parties working together, we are going to be in serious trouble as a nation.

And now, with the Russian-Ukrainian War, we are looking at the US becoming involved and leading to  World War III.

As a nation, we will NOT be able to withstand the pressures of World War III while simultaneously fighting our own second civil war. It will weaken our nation to the point that our adversaries in China, North Korea, & Iran may take advantage of the situation and attempt an invasion into our sovereign territory. If that were to occur, the United States of America will be finished.

It is up to American citizens NOW to elect into leadership positions persons who will work to maintain peace and order in our nation and preserve democracies around the world to counter this serious threat.

As a New York State Assemblyman, I will make it my primary mission to work with all parties on legislation that is beneficial to all New Yorkers and establish defensive policies to strengthen our state and shield us from the growing cries of other states wanting secession.

We must present a united front to the world to show our adversaries that our democratic republic will stand and will not be intimidated by authoritarian regimes.

We will do this together if we all make the decision to hold fast to our strength and unity. Help me to better unite our people and make our country stronger and a leader once again. Your thoughts and prayers, contributions, and votes will help me to fulfill the mission I’m called to do.